Segment 1 (:50): Linda’s guest today is Dr. Richard Orbach from the UB School of Dental Medicine. First they talk about mouth pain, what TMD stands for, and how it covers a number of different disorders. Hear how this mouth pain is not actually from your teeth, but it is from your jaw. Then Dr. Orbach explains where the pain stems from, when it starts in most people, and how many people experience this. Next, hear what you can do to treat it and if there is anything to treat it with. Dr. Orbach then discusses if other pains (neck, migraine, etc) can stem from TMD. Finally, they discuss the drug being used for the pain, the study that is going on about TMD pain, and how they are looking for people to participate in the study. If you are interested in this study you can call 716-829-2984.

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